Is it possible to use my dd-wrt router as an extender?

Yes. It is supported and it is very easy to change your router to extender mode.

How to increase coverage area ?

Yes. by increasing Tx Power value in advanced wireless settings on your dd-wrt router.

Why should i install dd-wrt firmware in my router?

You will be able to customize your to run vpn services.Using vpn services will give you protection and security against hackers.Others benefits for some might be getting a solution to watch netflix and yotube, if their service proivder does not allow them to see.

How is VPN service on router is better than VPN software running on devices ?

VPN service on router is better because this way you don’t need to install VPN softwares in devices such as phones, computers and if you have smart tv connected.VPN service on router is simple you just need to connect your device and it will tunnel all network traffic through the VPN.

Installing dd-wrt on my router will speed up my internet ?

Yes,If you properly use advance features of your dd-wrt router that will allow you to boost your wireless signal.

Does dd-wrt supports OpenVPN and PPTP?

Yes. OpenVPN and PPTP(point-to-point Tunneling Protocal) are two different protocols for logging into VPN.

Which routers are supported ?

Netgear, Tp-link, Linksys, Asus, Buffalo, Tenda and all major routers are supported.

How do i update to a newer version of dd-wrt firmware ?

It is always recommended to reset your router before and after flashing the newer version of the dd-wrt firmware.Then do the router settings manually and do not restore backup config file.

Whats the default username and password ?

V23 sp1 the default username is root and password is admin. You can also use http, telnet or ssh (if enabled) to log in.

Which wireless network modes are available ?

◙ Disabled

◙ Mixed

◙ B-only

◙ G-only

◙ BG-Mixed

◙ NG-Mixed

◙ A-only

◙ N-only

◙ N-only ( 2.4 GHZ )

◙ N-only (5 GHZ )

◙ NA-only

◙ NA-Mixed

After flashing dd-wrt on my router im able to view the router page with but it is asking me for login username and password ?

The default username / password combination is “root” / “admin”.

How to get the most speed out of dd-wrt Router ?

You can prioritize bandwidth for any important applications using QOS (quality of service) this way you can prioritize your smart tv to watch lag free movie or you can have your computer take the most bandwidth and speed out of other devices.

How can enable upnp with dd-wrt router ?

You need to log in to your router by opening Once you are logged in simply click on NAT/QOS tab and next click on UPNP and then click  on enable.